Perceptions of a liminal experience

It is important for me to tell you right at the beginning, to keep an understandable flow of reading, that this book was written over a period of several years.
I began to record everything that had happened about one year thereafter. I then laid the document down for eight years. My mind wanted to convince me over and over that I should continue writing. But nothing came to paper. It was only a few years before publishing that it felt more tangible. Well, somehow it still took more time than I had assumed. Much longer than I had assumed. Now that it has been published, that period does not seem so long to me. Internal processes do not seem to be subject to any time frame. They measure themselves based on having achieved spiritual strength. No more and no less.

“The Borrowed Daughter”

A book by Sana Brauner

The debut book, “The Borrowed Daughter” by Sana Brauner, was born from profound personal experiences that wanted to be cast into words. Sana Brauner says the following about herself: “I have a strong faith. I believe in a higher being. In a loving intelligence, from which everything has emerged and which expresses itself through everything. I believe in a power intrinsic to us all. Her book, “The Borrowed Daughter”, reads just as well and positively as this statement.